Let’s make this short and sweet… :-

1] hardworking
2] super fit
3] down to earth
4] consistent performances
5] right attitude & approach towards the game

So why do you adore Lee Chong Wei so much? List it down in the comments section ya? ^^

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  • wasedaxiao 9 years ago

    3] down to earth

  • b goh 9 years ago

    To get to the top he has to get the right ATTITUDE cause he matches Lin Dan in every aspect except a little more power and Speed.

    Come on if you do it You’ll be the first Malaysian ever. It all going to happen in Hyderabad.

  • He’s the best retriever of shots at the moment and he’s patriotic, remember he kissed the Malaysian crest on his shirt when he won Silver at the Olympic? On top of that, he is not cocky. He’s a Malaysian role model, unlike Ahmad Said, who is an immigrant from Palembang.

  • 5 pts same as u~
    6)he’s not as cocky as LD… lol…
    7)he is anak malaysia
    and most importantly, we shared the same DOB~

  • like to watch chong wei’s match and support him always is because of his aggressiveness in every match,no matter how’s the end results,he is just concentrate and try the best to work out every point. Being motivated by his NEVER GIVE UP SPIRIT !!!

  • carmen^^ 9 years ago

    got something to comment…^^
    like to watch him becoz he is malaysian…
    n hope he can win for malaysia~~
    haha~~n he hardworking also~~~

  • aburockzz 9 years ago

    because he is the only reliable malaysian single player.

  • Karel 9 years ago

    i think he is handsome….

  • Jacky 9 years ago

    I think he plays overly passive, as Gillian Clark comments.

  • 1) Down to earth
    2) Defensive agility
    3) Rushes Fastness
    4) Fair-play
    5) Hardworking

  • like his attitude. respect others even he wins or loses. great sportmanship. hardworker. and the most important thing is he’s Malaysian!

  • Ferrero 9 years ago

    I like him because he’s the only non-chinese (as in from China) to be able to give the chinese players fits…

  • Lennart 9 years ago

    5] right attitude & approach towards the game.

    He is a roll model for every badminton player in the world. Lin Dan, I think, is absolutely not. He gets angry so fast when he loses or has to accept a misjudge from a referee… Besides that Lin Dan is way to arrogant. Lee Chong Wei is really agressive on court, but has the right attitude!

  • Lennart 9 years ago

    too** arrogant..

  • ah dong 9 years ago

    Lee has the highest EQ among all players. He’s down-to -earth too.

  • Got to admit Chong Wei is the one who have won everyone’s heart with extrodinary talent, but on the other hand, Lin Dan is the emperor of the current badminton who’s unshakable position will remain unchallenged for at least another couple of years. Just compare the way Lin played in all England and in Swiss, as long as he WANTS to win~ there’re hardly anyone can beat him.

    *no offence to LCH’s fans, and I love CH as well

  • If one of them is in badminton, LCW could be warded the Gold Medal.


    Perhaps not, I just had my afternoon nab, so it must be a dream!!??

  • oR@cLe 9 years ago

    why i love LEE CHONG WEI..

    1.his fighting spirit ( e.g how he won in M’sia Open in Kuching..unbelievable~)

    2.he’s a very hardworking athlete ( his coach never doubt LCW commitment in training)

    3….what a down to earth person and good sportsmanship.(how he accepted his lost to Lin Dan..admired~ compared to LD when he got beaten by LCW)

    4.i like his diving trademark (symbolically shows his “never give up” attitude)

    5.it nice to hear how he keep praised his coach (Misbun Sidek) with his success (love to see the good relationship between them)

    ……….. even when he loose,i believe he’s try his very best in every games and i never doubt about it. like ppl said “love is blind” LOL