Wow. I got 188 comments in my blog. Realy shocking! To be honest out of the 188 comments, 180 are all spam comments. For those spammers, don’t was time spamming on my site. Your messages won’t be approved.

So All England is just around the corner. Who you all support? ^^




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  • ya, all england is coming! so excited! and of course, support all the malaysian players! but mostly, hope lee chong wei can beat ‘Lixxan’…

  • JeppeK 9 years ago

    I would love to see Gade in the final. Since I’m nordic I’d like to see him there. 🙂

  • I’m a doubles fan….so… FU + CAI ALL THE WAY!!!

  • BojanglesBadminton 9 years ago

    I am ultra excited for this tournament. China has returned so Lin Dan, Chen Jin, and Bao are all gonna be in the mix. I think Lin Dan is going to take this tournament. I’m sure he is eager to show that this is his house even after being his house. Chong Wei is very up and down so there is no way to know whats going to happen. SO EXCITED.

  • BojanglesBadminton 9 years ago

    Another thing a lot of the videos from past tournaments are no longer working thanks to youtube. Maybe try a different streaming site or something im not sure, but the videos are great and keep em coming.

  • craze 9 years ago

    i’m french and there is only one french guy so i support him! but I don’t delude myself of phantasm ^^ so i think a final in men single between lin dan and peter gade 🙂 come on peter you ‘ll beat all of them!

  • i just want to see korean open womandoubleopen hhe ang finally all england

  • carmen^^ 9 years ago

    support lee chong wei n lee yong dae…~~

  • Valter 9 years ago

    I hope I can see Peter Gade in the finals….Even being older, looks like he is on his best days at play. I will support him this time and beating Lin Dan..

  • shivam 9 years ago

    i would love to see peter gade in the finals……..he’s the true ambassador of the game……….and also …….since i am an indian……..i would like to see indian players perform….though they have tough draws………

  • Whoa….Peter Gade got a lot of supporters, haha, no worries, Lee Chong Wei boleh! by the ways, peter gade is a very nice guy!