I would apologize to all badminton lovers out there for not being able to provide the highlights of the China and Hong Kong Open. The main reason for not being able to provide those matches was purely because i was on holiday to another country! 🙂

So i really and sincerely apologize for missing those 2 Super Series events. 1000 apologies ya…

BUT be rest assured that the Super Series Grand Finale will not be missed by BadmintonFreak. Stay tune… ^^

Forgive me ya peeps?


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  • steven 9 years ago

    jason, where can you get all the video? record it your self? thanx 4 answering,, i’ll be waiting 4 final superseries video…thx

  • jason 9 years ago

    Yeah all recorded by me. ^^

  • steven 9 years ago

    so, you attend every single super series in many different country? wew…!!

  • i think he meant recorded from tv or something